Monday, January 14, 2013

Ocean Inspired Tatted Necklace: Oceanna


This is Oceanna. It is a one of a kind Twisted K's original used in a tatted style. Tatting is basically a style of knotted lace, and it can be very pretty and is quite durable, despite looking delicate. 
Oceanna in particular was customized and made for a good friend of mine, Crystal. I named it after my friend Angie's daughter who is nine years old. Of course, her name is Oceanna. 
The brown and beige lace reminds me of sand and shells at the ocean. Of course the genuine turquoise beads are inspired by the ocean water itself. As you can see, the focal piece is a mother-of-pearl carved five petal flower which I absolutely love! 

This is one of my mother's (Karen, the other K) best tatted pieces, in my opinion. Many people say they absolutely love this work of art. When I presented it to Crystal, I remember she smiled so brightly as she gasped in pleasure. 
My great grandma (Mom's grandma) used to be an expert tatter. She and my great aunts would sit around and talk while they tatted all day long. I personally have seen some of the pretty handkerchiefs that she tatted herself the other day. They were made probably about sixty years ago.
My mother decided to continue the legacy by learning how to tat, which she picked up on so fast and so well, that Oceanna was created mere months after learning how to even make simple stitches. Isn't it amazing?! I thought so, and I still do.
Here are some other examples of my mother's gifted skills:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Ideas

I hope that everyone had a splendid holiday season! I know I did. I got some new books and CDs that I have been wanting.

Anyway, with the new year, we posted a new Contest on our Facebook page! check it out and enter!

We also asked our loyal customers what they would like to see made this year. It is a chance to put YOUR ideas out there and bring YOUR ideas to the table. Just for fun. So if you have any ideas, hop on and tell us :)

Been thinking about a circlet that I, myself have come up with. It has been done before in many different styles. It's a medieval pearl net for a woman's hair. I always found them very pretty.

We are getting a new shipment of wire soon, so hopefully a lot of new things will come out.

I am feeling a more inspired to work on some of my leather jewelry. Would be nice to put my personal creative work out there next to my mom's.

I hope everyone had an excellent Holiday season!

Welcome 2013!