Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Titusville Art Show January 2013

Hey there! So at the end of January, my mom and I went to Titusville, FL for a jewelry show at the Stonefire Art Gallery. is the link :) It's a really neat looking place with lots of colors and interesting forms of art.
If you remember, we had consignment jewelry at A Lotta Scents in the local flea market. Well, when we were there visiting one day, we met a woman named Betty Gibson who owns Gibson Wire Creations which can be found on She is the one who told us about the Art show in Titusville.
Well, we went to Titusville, and we were recieved into a friendly, warm atmosphere. My friend Sarah, who owns Caladrius Designs on, came to help me set up.


 We met several new people, handed out some cards. Overall, it was successful and we plan to come back at the end of this month as well.
For anyone who lives out in the Titusville area, come see us!

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