Friday, March 8, 2013

Our First EVER Tutorial! Make an ear cuff

Hello everyone! I had a few requests from some beading buddies to post how to make a simple but very cute ear cuff. No piercings needed here. It looks so cute on and is so comfortable that you just might forget you have it on! Since this is my (Karen - K Sr.) first one please be gentle with me but it is very easy to follow and the design has infinite possibilities!


Twisted K's Jewelry

Small Wire Ear Cuff Tutorial
Materials and tools:
6” of 18 gauge dead soft or half hard wire
Sharpie Pen
Ring Mandrel
Rawhide or wood mallet
Small beads, jump rings and 22 gauge wire for wrapping drops
Step 1. Measure 6” of 18 gauge wire and mark the center at 3”

Step 2. Make a small loop in the center where you marked the wire.
Step 3. Measure ¾” from either side of the loop with the sharpie.

 Step 4. Bend the wire at each mark taking care to bend the wire to the outside of the loop.

Step 5. Close the bends flush and make sure the wire is straight and not bent or crossing over itself.

Step 6. Cut the ends of the wire leaving ¼” extending past each bend.

Step 7. Make a small loop in each end so that the loop is even with the bend.

Step 8. Wrap the wire around the end of the sharpie as far as you can, starting in the center by the loop so that it stays round.

Step 9. Place on the end of the ring mandrel. You may have to fit it over the end. It may be a bit tight. Hammer the loops gently so that they are flush to the mandrel.

Design elements:
Make drops of your choice in colors that will compliment your wire. I use 22 gauge wire to make the drops and I use 20 gauge wire for the jump rings You can use stones, crystals, charms or anything that is not too heavy. To wear the cuff, fit the cuff over the narrow part of the center of your ear and squeeze gently until it is secure.

No part of this tutorial may be reprinted or distributed in any form without the express written consent of Karen Squillante and Twisted K’s Jewelry. All rights reserved. Copyright by Twisted K’s Jewelry and Karen Squillante, 2013.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Titusville Art Show January 2013

Hey there! So at the end of January, my mom and I went to Titusville, FL for a jewelry show at the Stonefire Art Gallery. is the link :) It's a really neat looking place with lots of colors and interesting forms of art.
If you remember, we had consignment jewelry at A Lotta Scents in the local flea market. Well, when we were there visiting one day, we met a woman named Betty Gibson who owns Gibson Wire Creations which can be found on She is the one who told us about the Art show in Titusville.
Well, we went to Titusville, and we were recieved into a friendly, warm atmosphere. My friend Sarah, who owns Caladrius Designs on, came to help me set up.


 We met several new people, handed out some cards. Overall, it was successful and we plan to come back at the end of this month as well.
For anyone who lives out in the Titusville area, come see us!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Ocean Inspired Tatted Necklace: Oceanna


This is Oceanna. It is a one of a kind Twisted K's original used in a tatted style. Tatting is basically a style of knotted lace, and it can be very pretty and is quite durable, despite looking delicate. 
Oceanna in particular was customized and made for a good friend of mine, Crystal. I named it after my friend Angie's daughter who is nine years old. Of course, her name is Oceanna. 
The brown and beige lace reminds me of sand and shells at the ocean. Of course the genuine turquoise beads are inspired by the ocean water itself. As you can see, the focal piece is a mother-of-pearl carved five petal flower which I absolutely love! 

This is one of my mother's (Karen, the other K) best tatted pieces, in my opinion. Many people say they absolutely love this work of art. When I presented it to Crystal, I remember she smiled so brightly as she gasped in pleasure. 
My great grandma (Mom's grandma) used to be an expert tatter. She and my great aunts would sit around and talk while they tatted all day long. I personally have seen some of the pretty handkerchiefs that she tatted herself the other day. They were made probably about sixty years ago.
My mother decided to continue the legacy by learning how to tat, which she picked up on so fast and so well, that Oceanna was created mere months after learning how to even make simple stitches. Isn't it amazing?! I thought so, and I still do.
Here are some other examples of my mother's gifted skills:

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Ideas

I hope that everyone had a splendid holiday season! I know I did. I got some new books and CDs that I have been wanting.

Anyway, with the new year, we posted a new Contest on our Facebook page! check it out and enter!

We also asked our loyal customers what they would like to see made this year. It is a chance to put YOUR ideas out there and bring YOUR ideas to the table. Just for fun. So if you have any ideas, hop on and tell us :)

Been thinking about a circlet that I, myself have come up with. It has been done before in many different styles. It's a medieval pearl net for a woman's hair. I always found them very pretty.

We are getting a new shipment of wire soon, so hopefully a lot of new things will come out.

I am feeling a more inspired to work on some of my leather jewelry. Would be nice to put my personal creative work out there next to my mom's.

I hope everyone had an excellent Holiday season!

Welcome 2013!