Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, New Ideas

I hope that everyone had a splendid holiday season! I know I did. I got some new books and CDs that I have been wanting.

Anyway, with the new year, we posted a new Contest on our Facebook page! check it out and enter!

We also asked our loyal customers what they would like to see made this year. It is a chance to put YOUR ideas out there and bring YOUR ideas to the table. Just for fun. So if you have any ideas, hop on and tell us :)

Been thinking about a circlet that I, myself have come up with. It has been done before in many different styles. It's a medieval pearl net for a woman's hair. I always found them very pretty.

We are getting a new shipment of wire soon, so hopefully a lot of new things will come out.

I am feeling a more inspired to work on some of my leather jewelry. Would be nice to put my personal creative work out there next to my mom's.

I hope everyone had an excellent Holiday season!

Welcome 2013!

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