Saturday, December 22, 2012

End of the Year Thoughts

It's been a pretty amazing year. My mom and I started Twisted K's only earlier this year and so far on Facebook, we have 125 likes as of this morning! YAY!!!

We had a blast at Florida Pagan Gathering where we sold lots of jewelry and made a name for ourselves in that particular community.

We went to another show this past month in St. Augustine, FL called the Holiday Arts and Crafts Market sponsored by one of the Etsy teams we belong to. It was at the Agricultural Museum in St. Augustine. That was pretty neat. We made some new friends there too. We got rained on, but it didn't dampen our spirits! 
This photo was taken for the E-magazine.

We did a few different contests, the prizes being a Howlite-Turquoise pendant, $20 gift card, and a $50 gift card. Always check in once in a while on our Facebook page: 

We plan to hold at least one contest each month...and it is always for a uniquely crafted Twisted K's original!

My mom has been working on circlets lately after asking what I thought we needed more in the Etsy shop. So I suggested circlets and rings...she's been doing an excellent job making new items :) She's very talented.

We are considering going to a Pow Wow over in Fort McCoy, FL in the early spring but we are unsure whether we will or not...updates to come soon!

I don't personally make much jewelry...Karen makes most of what you see. On occasion, something of mine will come out, such as the Pearl Jam necklace, which is made of leather and pearls, knotted together and is adjustable. Huzzah! See? :) I make them to order and they can come in several different colors. So boost my ego and ask! (Mom thought that was pretty funny

I look online and see so many artists that are just amazing, such as: Abby Hook, Jodi Bombardier, and many others... We look to them as mentors and aspire to their creativity and talent that these people have.

Christmas approaches and I look forward to it, because we've made some gifts and I can't wait for people to open and enjoy what we have created.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays....and remember:

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